Our Intermediate Service is just plain what's required to keep your car running as it should be. The same things need to be checked on your car every time you bring it to us for service.

There is just no cheaper or faster alternative to just properly maintaining your stuff.  Yes, every few years cars need some things - spark plugs, fresh coolant, a battery test - but these are discrete service points, not overarching the care of responsible ownership.

The Hybrid Intermediate Service your car receives at Atomic Auto is so much more than just a quick lube or 5k service.

Modern vehicle owners feel savvy these days talking about K Services, like your first big 30k service after buying a new car.  Unfortunately, this is because dealers promote the idea of K Services by creating a myth that something special happens at these intervals.  And they've matched that myth with inflated service prices over their "regular express lube" lanes.

Our philosophy at Atomic Auto (backed up by experience from hundreds of Hybrid Intermediate Services performed) is that your hybrid vehicle needs to be serviced every five thousand miles, with the exact same maintenance performed every time.

Of course we will occasionally need to replace standard things that wear out, like tires, brakes, spark plugs, coolant, belts, et. cetera. These are discrete service points though and not part of the overarching care of responsible hybrid ownership.

“How much is your oil change?”

There's a classic prank that shop owners play on each other. One owner calls the other shop and yells (yep) How much is your oil change!? as soon as they answer. The fun comes in hearing how they manage a polite response.

Indeed, most independent shops offer much more than just an oil change. And yet it is this clichéd "quick lube service" that drivers think cars need most frequently. How do we balance the expertise and caring of a specialty shop with the public’s quickie lube mentality?

I really like what this one shop owner had to say when asked How much is your oil change?

“I tell them we don’t offer an oil change. I mean, of course we change oil, but we do it along with a comprehensive service. If the customer replies that another shop can do it for less, I explain that the time and the cost of the service is always the same, no matter where it’s performed. So if another shop says they can do it for less, then I wonder what it is that they simply aren’t doing.”