After Hours

Important Note
Catalytic converters are being robbed from cars all over Portland, and our parking lot is no exception. We recommend that you do not leave your car overnight in our front lot and only use the key drop after sunrise. If your car is vandalized before we check it in, our insurance can't cover it and you'll have to make a claim with your insurance to get this expensive part replaced!

Social Distancing Dropoff and Pickup


In order to minimize in-person contact, we're using our After Hours dropoff and pickup for all appointments.

All payments will be processed over the phone.
Your Pick Up PIN will be provided with your completed repair messaging.

Bummed out from being alone?
Practice “distant socializing” instead, urges Stanford psychologist.

Dropoff: Remember not to lick the envelope!

Pickup: Remember not to cough on the keypad!

610 NE 102nd Ave.
Text or call — 503.969.3134
[email protected]
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