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Hybrid — Scheduled Maintenance

Our Intermediate Service is the standard maintenance required to keep your car running as it should be.

For Prius and other hybrids, Intermediate Service is recommended every 5k miles.

This comprehensive maintenance visit includes complete mechanical inspection and a diagnostic scan of all computer systems.


Price will vary based on services you have us perform.

Conventional — Scheduled Maintenance

We recommend you bring your vehicle every 5k miles for our Standard 5k Service. This includes a complete inspection, tire rotation if needed, oil and filter service. Often this constitutes the manufacturers recommendations for 30 60, and 90k major services. Ask us for specifics!


Price will vary based on services you have us perform.

Diagnostic Service — All vehicles

Help! I don't know what's wrong!

Warning light on the dash? Strange noises? Leaking something? Won't start? We have a standard 90-minute diagnostic appointment to make an initial assessment and plan for repair. (If the fix is readily apparent, the fee is often reduced or waived.)

Have a coffee in our comfy lounge while you wait for the news. If you need to head out, we'll email you a diagnostic report and you can approve your repair online.

Service Dropoff — All vehicles

I know what my car needs done, and I'm ready to drop it off for repair.

Make a 15-minute appointment to drop off your car. If we've already inspected and made recommendations for your car, or you know you need something straightforward, like tires or brakes, we just need your keys and authorization to work on your car.