Catalytic Converter Theft

We want our Portland Prius customers to be aware of increased theft of catalytic converters.

This theft has expanded to include all models of Prius, as well the Honda Element, and many other late-model Japanese car that says PZEV on it.

It takes about three minutes for someone to jack up your car and cut off the part.

The only potential mechanical solution we are currently aware of is installing this shield

We are set up as a dealer for the shield and are keeping them in stock.

2004-2009 GEN2 — $364.21 installed.
2010-2015 GEN 3 — $384.21 installed.

If you’d like to get a shield installed

It costs $2500 – $5000* to have your catalytic converter replaced. It’s also often a nightmare getting insurance companies to pay for the repair.


Thieves  are specifically targeting 2004-2009 Prius, though model years up to 2015 have experienced increased theft of the catalytic converter.

Even under lock and key, in lit parking lots, behind fences, under video surveillance, thieves are stealing these parts.

Other things you can do

  • Park inside a garage or a well lit area. On a busy street not on a side street.
  • We are researching wifi battery-powered inclinometers that will potentially be able to notify you when your car gets jacked up as this is happening, the factory alarm does not go off.
  • Be sure if this happens or you hear about it happening to file a police report online. If they cant track it there will never be anything done as nobody in law enforcement knows about it.
  • Install a catalytic converter theft prevention device like the steel plate above
  • If you see this happening to your car, don’t potentially get yourself into a confrontation, just call 911 and don’t alert the thief that you see them.
  • Spread the word to every Prius owner you know (feel free to send a link to this page)

The Prius emissions control system uses a something called a catalytic converter which contains palladium, an extremely valuable metal. As such, the converter has become a target for thieves, and much more so in recent months.

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