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Brand new Toyota OEM Hybrid battery for $2500, installed.*

* Drop off your Generation 1 (1997-2003) or Generation 2 (2004-2009) Prius tonight after 5pm and you'll have it back the day after tomorrow.
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Don't waste your time with used or reconditioned batteries!
If you have error code P1234, you may only need a single module replaced.

Your original Hybrid battery lasted 8-15 years.

You should absolutely replace it with one that will do the same. Otherwise, you'll deal with this problem again in 8-15 months.

We stock new OEM batteries for Generation 1 and Generation 2 prius. It's typically a two-day wait for all other hybrid batteries.

In our humble opinion from our extensive experience, we strongly recommend a full, OEM battery replacement when your Hybrid battery fails.

It's important that you use OEM-certified replacement Hybrid battery that meets the original manufacturer specifications.
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If you are considering a used, reconditioned, or aftermarket non‑OEM battery, don't.

When it comes time in the life of your hybrid to replace the battery, you have a number of options. We'd like to take a minute to talk about each of these options and offer you our recommendations based on our experience seeing the outcomes of hundreds of battery replacements.

Used Batteries

Used batteries often come from wrecked hybrids that have sustained enough damage to the body that insurance companies totaled them but contained batteries that could be recovered after crashing. The upside of buying a used battery is that it could have only 50,000 miles on it.

The downside of buying a used battery is that there is no way to know what you are getting. Batteries that sit unused tend to die sooner from our experience, so a wrecking yard battery may be worse than the one that came out of a car yesterday.

We definitely don't recommend buying used batteries unless you can be 100% confident of the mileage on the battery, and that the battery is priced accordingly.

From our experience the wrecking yards sell them for a high enough price (typically 700-1000) that they are not a sensible option for most of our clients for a used battery which is what you had yesterday before the car got upset!

Aftermarket Non-OEM

CIBA or other chinese suppliers
Oh no! The news is bad again. If you choose to go with a non OEM replacement battery, sometimes called an orange battery, you're basically blowing that money up your nose. Or up my nose. Because you're going to have to replace that battery right away with a new one, and I'll be the person putting it in for you.


Dorman, ReInvolt, GreenTec, GreenBean, etc.
If you want to replace your failed Hybrid battery with a reconditioned battery or refurbished battery, you need to have a high tolerance for pain!

Reconditioned batteries are perhaps even worse than used batteries, in that you pay for a battery built out of used modules that will allegedly run for another 100,000 Mi, but you end up getting a piece of crap that you need to replace after 100 weeks. This is not good value for your money, and we strongly encourage you to avoid reconditioned or refurbished batteries. This one lasted less than a year….

Hybrid battery testing

Testing hybrid batteries is possible, but we feel that it's not a good use of our customer's money.

To test a hybrid battery, we compare the weakest and strongest modules in the pack, which is exactly what the battery management system uses to determine the health of the battery assembly and to turn on your dash light.

In short, we are able to confirm that your battery is used, but the testing does not give us an accurate assessment of how much life is left in the battery.
This is a bad high voltage battery
Bad battery graph
This is a brand new battery
Good battery graph

Swapping out a single module with an OEM replacement

When a single module in your Hybrid battery has failed,  your Prius will generate a check engine light code P1234 (other hybrids may generate a different error code).

This is great news! We are able to replace a single module with an OEM part for only 250 dollars. Book an appointment right now to get this fixed for cheap.
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